Slam Schedule

Dec 5- PreLIm SLAM


Jan 9th- PreLim Slam

Feb 13- Semi FInal

Final Slam - TBA

(at the Newark Public Library)

How slam works

The will be 3 rounds in the Slam.

The performers with the highest score from the first round will continue on to the second round.

The performers with the highest score from the second round will continue on Final Round. 

The highest scoring performer from the final round will win the entire slam. 

Round 1 - 3min 30 sec piece (poem or rhyme)

Round 2 - 1min 30 sec piece (poem or rhyme)

Round 3- 3min 30sec piece (poem or rhyme)




- In order to participate in the slam you must attend 4 or more workshops.

- Be on time for attendance at the beginning of slam.

- Be on time to register in person, if need be.

- Respect all performers & guests.

- No offensives language towards another's culture,   sexuality, or religion. No hate language.

- Practice Free Speech with a thoughtfulness.

- All performers must stay to watch the entire slam.

-Plagiarism will automatically disqualify you from the slam.  Any writing used but not written by the performer is, consider to be, plagiarism

-You cannot repeat a poem.