Build a safe creative writing & expression space which allows students to build competitive tools for writing and poetry slam. Allow students to strengthen their writing skill through medium they understand and respect. 


There isn't enough innovative, or creative writing based programming, for students in Newark, NJ.


Readying our students with a Fine Arts discipline, like poetry, will equip them to compete as literary artists, and prosper in areas of reading, writing, and comprehension.


Build a literary concentration on youth poetry in Newark, NJ through an established and accredited entity; with quality youth programing tailored to Newark Public High Schools. Create a fine arts poetry monopoly in Newark.


Develop a “global literacy” in the areas of poetry and activism. 


By introducing our scholars to competition and slam they become more disciplined and develop a passion around winning, and a healthy pursuit of competition. Poetry Slam allows our youth to compete in fine art space they otherwise didn't see themselves suitable for. 

What is Poetry Slam?

Poetry Slam allows students to compete locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally with their own work and skill. Scholars compete and win based on oration, creativity, and writing. Competition allows them to meet and learn the poetry styles of different people.

Why Poetry Slam?

Why? Builds Voice, opinion, competition, and a desire to win, or succeed in the minds of youth. Poetry slam is a space for international community building, scholarship, youth activism, and preparing the next writers, authors, and performers.