about workshops

Each workshop will be different and relative to our students and the cultures they are most excited about. Workshops will take on themes that both excite and anger them. Students will be challenged to think creatively and intellectually. We are invested in their creative thought. While our workshops will hosts themes like; politics, race, sexuality, rap, and so many more important & relative topics, our workshops, undoubtedly, will work on the foundation of the following pillars. 


Oratory- Oral Expression is the oldest form of expression. Students will comfortably speak their thought and written text. 

Expression- Building and exercising the most healthy, thoughtful, and scholarly way for students to voice their creative thoughts and opinions on ideas that effect them and the climate around them. 

Reading- We will develop an inter and outer personal reading space which promotes reading and comprehension. 

Creative Writing & Technique- Students will become stronger creative thinkers and better creative writers. They will be influenced to write about the things they find most valuable. Students will learn the very different and historical poetry techniques; how to use them properly, and why they are important. 

Debate- In this space students will defend their ideas with thoughtful detail, passion, and fact. They will learn the most proper techniques around defending and debating ideas that are most important to them. 

Vocabulary- In the workshop space, we build vocabulary by using new words in the space and text, in an unthreatening, creative fashion. 

Respect, Passion, & Love- Through consistency and thoughtful mentorship, students will value their craft as a profession, and as a tool for success.